Our Story

Goldendoodle dog, brown, cream, and white fur, with a sparkly purple birthday crown and pawty bandana.Like so many, 2020 was an incredibly difficult year for our family. We suffered three poignant losses to three devastating diseases. But during these dark days, a few truths became more evident than ever: we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, being blessed with loved ones is a gift to always cherish, and life is truly meant to be celebrated together.

Amidst all of this, our Goldendoodle pup’s companionship, silly nature, and unconditional love brought a healing balm to our souls. Brew was (and is) the bright spot in our days. She would let us wipe tears into her fur while her snuggles made us feel safe in a world that often appeared anything but that. It never failed that Brew could bring a smile to our faces. 

Also during this time, Mike was starting a new career in real estate which he loved. I was working in my corporate sales job. And while I was successful, with each passing day I felt a little bit more detached and unfulfilled. When asked about my passions, purpose, and dream job, my answer was always the same: “Starting a Goldendoodle Farm (aka spending time with animals) and helping people.”

Fast-forward to November 2, 2021. Our sweet Brew turned two. I had a blast planning an intimate “party” at home for her with just the three of us. We got a purple princess crown embroidered with a glitzy 2, a custom cake, party treats, and of course a new toy.

Celebrating (or spoiling depending on who you ask) Brew has always been such a fun, light-hearted, and special time. For all of the joy she brings into our lives, we feel she deserves all the extra treats, attention, and belly rubs.

You see, it was on her second birthday that the idea for Pet Party Pros was born. Our family knows firsthand just how much you love your pets, and in turn how much they love you! We know how fun celebrating them can be. But we also know that planning a party (big or small) for them previously meant scouring the internet for “just the right” hat, toy, bandana, decor, etc. Pet Party Pros exists to make the process easier, more fun, and more personalized while guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable time for your furry/feathery/scaly loved one!

Whether celebrating a birthday, gotcha day, holiday, milestone, or something in between, thank you for trusting us with your cherished memories and moments. 

Pet Party Pros, where party animals come to pawty!